King Khan announces Original Score to The Invaders

On August 18, King Khan will release the original score to The Invaders on Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Khannibalism  (pre-order).  The limited pressing of The Invaders – Original Score is limited to only 500 copies on multicolored interstellar splatter LPs cut at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity and because Khan insists many of these tracks take on a life of their own when slowed down and listened back at 33rpm!
Today King Khan is pleased to share “John B’s Lament” the first track to be released from the forthcoming album. The track debuted today at Flood and can also be shared at Bandcamp. The song is on all streaming services now for any playlist shares.
King Khan is that fiery arrow shot into the night sky which no one knows how high or far it will travel, however we do know that as that fiery arrow streaks across the heavens, along the way its flames will light up dark places. King Khan’s music can become the voice of many around the world, some who have never been heard from before.” – John B. Smith (Leader of The Invaders)
Documentary film The Invaders (2022) follows the rise and fall of a militant black power group based in Memphis, TN in the late 1960’s, from its creation, to their final negotiations with Martin Luther King Jr. minutes before his assassination. Filmmaker Prichard Smith’s striking documentary features all new music composed by the legendary King Khan, which is now being released as a beautiful 18-track double LP featuring contributions from Adan Jodorowsky, Saba Lou (Khan’s daughter), Ian Svenonius and more. From full throttle rock tracks to haunting string pieces and propulsive instrumental grooves, these songs also mark a return to the rock world after Khan’s adventurous and acclaimed pair of instrumental jazz/soul albums (2003’s The Nature of Things and 2020’s The Infinite Ones). A handful of these tracks have previously appeared on limited and now out of print 7”s during the filmmaking process, often in alternate versions, but this mark’s the first time all of Khan’s contributions to The Invaders will be available in one place (and many for the first time).

On his musical contributions herein and the film in general Khan waxes:

“The Mighty Hannibal taught me an amazing lesson about blindness. When the doctors told him that he would go blind if he didn’t take his glaucoma meds he responded simply “Ugh, I’ve seen enough'”Hannibal then sent me a gospel song he wrote about how lucky he was to have gone blind because he could never judge anyone based on what they looked like – rather it was now by their actions. When he told this to me I decided to do the entire soundtrack “blind. This meant I made the music without seeing the images. Any beautiful synchronicities that would occur between the celluloid and my music would be magical. This simple approach made the film give me shivers upon seeing it completed, a feeling I rarely get these days from films let alone documentaries. I never got to thank Hannibal for his sage advice, but I feel like he guided me in so many ways that he is always above me watching what I do. He taught me to be a better father and husband and listener. The struggle of the Invaders never ended, in the same way the hidden agenda of fascists is still very strong and we see hints of it in every police commissioner or government official that wishes death upon the poor huddled masses rather than trying to help them have simple basic human rights.

He continues: “The Invaders film is not just a documentary it’s a hard core lesson to all activists to put in the work and find out what every community needs, addressing these individual needs and simply caring for the wounds that rot when ignored. Before you wallow in self pity and misery, take a deep breath and learn to breathe. Just a simple act of inhalation and exhalation is what brings us back to reality and calms our nerves and prepares us for the task at hand. Never forget what Malcolm said… “When the “i” is replaced by “we” even “illness” becomes “wellness.” Add to it Mike Stand Up’s version… “When the “I” is replaced by “One” even illness becomes “Oneness.” Follow the Mohawk 10 commandments and meet me on top of that mountain.”