Qveen Herby Debut Album, A Woman – Out Now

Independent singer and rap sensation Qveen Herby arrives at last with her debut album. A Woman is available on all DSPs today with a new self-directed music video for one of the album’s highlight songs, “Naughty Girl.”
“I need to thank you, the Qveendom, for supporting me for SO LONG,” says Qveen Herby. “Watching me grow as an artist. Teaching me & inspiring me. I love you. This album is YOURS as much as it is mine… you have made me ‘A WOMAN.’”
A Woman marks a new beginning for Amy Noonan. Finally in control of her own career as Qveen Herby, this debut album solidifies her artistic identity as one of the most powerful representatives of warrior womanhood in music today. Anticipation for A Woman began immediately after she and her now husband/producer, Nick Noonan, severed their major label deal in 2015 to pursue music independently after multi-platinum success with Karmin (“Broken Hearted,” “Acapella”).
Over the past six years, Qveen Herby has reintroduced herself as a top female indie rapper through a series of nine EPs like pieces of a puzzle, exploring consciousness, ego and sex among other building blocks of individuality through a new, unrestricted sonic medium. The 9-EP catalogue recently struck 200Million collective streams across DSPs, 110Million on Spotify alone, and has brought her to never-before-seen heights of success. Nearly 1Million listeners adore her catalogue daily, with highlights including “Busta Rhymes,” an homage to her “Look At Me Now” Karmin cover that brought her to stardom 10 years ago, “Sade in the 90s” and “Sugar Daddy,” the latter of which shared on social media by Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.
A Woman is the long awaited final piece of the puzzle that creates a rapper, singer, poet, entrepreneur – Qveen Herby is finally here.
A Woman was heralded by the album’s lead single and video “Juice,” which earned 30,000+ pre-saves out of excitement from snippets posted on Qveen Herby’s TikTok account. “Juice” is one of many highly-praised self-directed visuals streaming now on Qveen Herby’s YouTube Channel.
1. Balenciaga Dreams
2. Faster
3. A Woman
4. Naughty Girl
5. Juice
6. Black Sheep
7. Good Morning
8. Mother Teresa
9. Gucci Vision
10. Masterpiece
11. Celine Dion
12. Underdog

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